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Electric fence energizer Fencee mini M06

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0.6 Joule power electric fencing

Electric fence energizer Fencee mini M06

The compact modern construction of the Fencee mini M06 fence with a switch and the latest microprocessor technology inside offers a practical solution and allows easy installation, makes it one of the most modern electric fences.

The combined supply of electricity and battery enables us to always have electricity in our enclosure.

The Fencee mini M06 fence is universally applicable for fencing up to 7 km and has output power 0.6 Joule

Power Source~230 V: Energizer consumption 2 W
Input energy 0.8 J
Outut energy 0.6 J
Output Voltage 9500V
Output Voltage 500Ω 3500V
Low Vegetation 7 km
Medium Vegetation 5 km
High Vegetation 1 km

Device indicators and switches:
On / Off switch
On / Off switch LED lighting
Low battery voltage
Operation indicator 100%-50%
Error indication

Up to 1X Earthing cable , Up to 2X El. Fence Net

Device dimensions:
Diameter 150 mm
Depth 57 mm
Weight 803 g

Package Contents:

Electric fence energizer Fencee mini M06
Earthing cable 150 cm
Connection cable 100 cm
Warning sign

Suitable for dogs, cats and horses

Out of the box:

Fencee support rail 80mm

The device has a 3-year guarantee of good operation from the day of purchase.

Warranty void if seal is broken.


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